Since Pretty Much All of Our Movies Have Been Split into Parts, And Many People Are Wondering What To Do With The Parts, I  Have Created  A Tutorial How To Join The Parts Into An .Avi, Mp4, Mkv, Video Using a Program Called Hjsplit. Hjsplit Only Works On windows, So If You Have Another Operating System, Take A Look HERE.

First, you'll Have to Download HJSplit...
You Can Download It Here : Click Here

HJSplit doesn't need to be installed. you can run it directly by clicking on Hjsplit.ext. Before you start, Remember that all the parts (.001, .002, .003, .004, etc ) have to be in the same folder, and they have to have the same name but has different extension (.001, .002, .003) or else it won't work.Make sure you have all the files to join. If one is missing, you will not be able to complete the process...

To join all the parts, open HJSplit and click on 'Join'. Click on Input File and choose the .001 file

I have a list of files with extensions avi.001, avi.002, avi.003 and that goes on to avi.008

The second wizard screen in the joining .001, .002, ... files is where you will point the input file for joining the file parts.
Note that, you will only select the file with extension .001 and the HJ-Split will automatically find the other parts (like .002, .003, .004) if they are in the same folder with .001 file.
After the input file is selected, HJSplit will display the output file, the joined file outcome of the software in the screen in output text area.
By clicking on the Output area, you can change the location of the output file if you want.

Click on the Start button to start joining process.

When the joining splitted files with extensions 001,002,003,....,008,etc finished the HJSplit software will inform you.

Click on the Close button to end the task of joinning spitted files 001,002,003 with HJSplit file splitting program.
I hope you liked HJSplit manual demonstrating how to join files HJSplit divived into parts in smaller sizes.
It is very easy and fast to use HJSplit to join files with 001 extension.


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